Mark Robertson was born in Sunderland, in 1962 taking up the drums at fourteen. Work on stage and screen, big and small, has included collaborations with some of the country’s finest musicians (also with a few of the worst). This has incorporated a larger than average portion of 'strange', including a residency in a “Hostess bar/brothel” in Mayfair, playing the 'ostrich mating dance' for Bernie Clifton and performing at the World Unicycle Convention (on drums not unicycle).
In 1995 he co-wrote television the play "In Bed with Jimmy Monty" which won the New Voices prize and was broadcast on ITV. He appears extensively in the forthcoming “Film Agogo” documentary “The Geordie Jazz Man” (release date July 2018) and currently plays gigs across the UK with Teesside based band The Southmartins.